ATI CEO Anne Basham in pink blazer at the podium of the Hungarian Parliament

Anti-Trafficking International’s Chief Executive Officer Addresses Human Trafficking at Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum in Budapest, Hungary

Washington, DC – Human trafficking, as a $150 billion industry, is the second largest criminal enterprise in the world, according to the US Department of Justice. This criminal activity provides prime profit for terrorist organizations, who cheaply acquire and hold victims hostage, and repeatedly traffic them in exchange for weapons or money to finance their acts of terrorism.

On September 6, the Office of the Hungarian National Assembly hosted the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum (PI-SF) in Budapest, Hungary to discuss combatting human trafficking, money laundering, cybercrimes, and terrorism. The PI-SF provides government officials around the globe with a means to increase understanding and cooperation to combat global threats of radical terrorism and other adversaries. Anne Basham, Chief Executive Officer for the United States-based nonprofit organization Anti-Trafficking International (ATI), spoke in front of more than 280 participants from 55 different countries as the exclusive panelist for the conversation on human trafficking and illicit finance.

Referencing true cases of victims held hostage by terrorist organizations and citing proven methods to interfere with victim recruiting and money laundering tactics, Ms. Basham urged the governments in attendance to impose sanctions, increase trafficking prevention education, and mandate training for banking institutions to identify and disrupt criminal organizations’ efforts.

It is a privilege to chair the Human Trafficking Task Force for the Parliamentary Intelligence-Security Forum and to speak today at the Hungarian Parliament. I appreciate the opportunity to speak on behalf of the many survivors and children who feel voiceless.“–Anne Basham, Chief Executive Director, Anti-Trafficking International.  Ms. Basham’s full remarks are available on ATI’s website.

About ATI

ATI is a 501(c)(3) multidisciplinary collaborative team with an unmatched level of expertise in fighting human trafficking. We employ a proven multi-vector approach to protect communities and provide law enforcement and prosecutors with the tools and resources they need. Since it was founded in 2013, ATI has trained over 1,000 professional and community-based organizations in education, prevention, and intervention in suspected cases of exploitation. ATI believes everyone plays a role in helping to end human trafficking, and aims to stop human trafficking before it starts by partnering at the community-level to eliminate the threat.

ATI CEO Anne Basham in pink blazer at the podium of the Hungarian Parliament ATI CEO Anne Basham in pink blazer at the podium of the Hungarian Parliament ATI CEO Anne Basham in pink blazer at the podium of the Hungarian Parliament

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