When the Phone Rings…

The Just Ask Prevention Project has positively impacted countless lives, some we may never know about. However, there are many stories of hope that we do know about and we want to share some of them with you.

You are a critical partner in the fight against human trafficking and we need your help to be able to continue the work we are doing. A monthly donation of $25 will help bring real, impactful change. Donate to ensure that Just Ask is always ready to jump into action “when the phone rings …”

Last week our Executive Director, Bill Woolf, got a phone call from a survivor of human trafficking. The survivor had just gotten out of her exploitive situation and needed help. “I have heard of all the good work Just Ask is doing and I was hoping you could help me and my daughter,” the young woman explained. She went on to share that they were currently in a motel, but had no money, no food, and no access to services.

While Just Ask does not have a program to provide direct services, we are sympathetic to the needs of all survivors of trafficking and exploitation and Bill has committed our team to not turn our backs on anyone in need. So, Just Ask responded. We appealed to our community partners in the northern Virginia area and asked for support for this young mother and daughter. The community responded and was able to offer shelter, food, and clothing for a short period, buying us the time that we need to coordinate additional services and support.

Unfortunately, shortly after getting them settled, the mother experienced some health issues, a direct result of her trafficking experience, and had to be hospitalized. Most people don’t realize that once someone is victimized by human trafficking, the effects are life-long and life-altering. This left the young daughter without a place to go as they have no family and no support system. Bill’s wife joined the response effort and offered their home for the young girl to stay while her mother recovered in the hospital.

The survivor is still in the hospital and the daughter with Bill’s family, but Just Ask continues to work on coordinating services and developing a long-term plan to provide support and stability to this young family and build resiliency so that they can thrive.

This is another example of the Just Ask team going above and beyond in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation. We believe that it truly “takes a village” (or a community) to solve this problem and these victims need your support. We, at Just Ask, know first-hand the devastating effects of this crime, and while we will continue to serve those victims to the best of our ability, we also work hard to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Our programs directly serve at-risk youth and the professionals that work with them. We strive to build the capacity of these communities to protect against this insidious crime, and you play a crucial role in those efforts. Supporting Just Ask brings these programs to more youth and their communities every year and allows us to be a part of restoring dignity and respect to those that have been victimized – committing to $25 per month can save countless lives! Thank you for your continued monthly support in safeguarding communities against the threat of human trafficking and exploitation.