The National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center (NHTIC)

The National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center (NHTIC) was established in March of 2019 to continue to educate communities about the prevalence of human trafficking. This newly established center, created by Just Ask’s Executive Director, Bill Woolf, is the latest example of our ability to facilitate a multi-layered systematic solution for collaborative efforts with our partners against the further spread of this modern-day form of slavery.

Education as a tool to fight human trafficking

Education is one of the most effective tools in the fight against human trafficking because predators and their tactics can go undetected even in plain sight because of unawareness. As information about trafficking becomes more mainstream, organizations and agencies are requesting more training and information sessions. The NHTIC’s programs for training were established based on these requests, and are designed to target the healthcare, academic, and hospitality industries. With the creation of NHTIC, these organizations have access to world-class training and information to help them combat human trafficking during their day to day interactions. The NHTIC uses a curriculum which was developed by multi-disciplinary teams to empower employees and individuals to effectively combat human trafficking by identifying and reporting it. In addition to the established training for healthcare, schools, and hospitality industries, the NHTIC can develop custom programming for the transportation industry, nonprofits, communities, political leadership & government agencies.

NHTIC makes speakers available

The NHTIC provides access to speakers with more than 20 years of experience in the field of human trafficking. Some of the speakers available are: Bill Woolf, recipient of the 2018 Presidential Medal for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking and human trafficking expert; Dr. Karysse J. Trandem, nationally recognized leader and award winner in women’s health and speaker who teaches professional organizations, the public and corporations about trafficking; and John Carter, Producer and Director of the documentary “American Exploitation.” Speakers of this caliber allow access to the most up-to-date training. Along with such highly qualified field experts, the training is accompanied by an attention-grabbing and informative documentary film, “American Exploitation.”

Provides training resources for law enforcement communities

The NHTIC provides another valuable resource to members of the law enforcement community who are looking to fight human trafficking. According to their website, “the NHTIC supports law enforcement officers through compiling and analyzing data in real-time, [delivering] actionable intelligence to law enforcement to respond to and rescue victims of human trafficking and prosecute the offenders. One of the biggest barriers for law enforcement is access to resources to compile this data. The NHTIC fills that need by providing that information, free of charge.”

The goal of the National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center is to continue to provide awareness and spread information throughout communities. Additional information about these training programs can be accessed at www.nhtic.org as well as on Facebook. Just Ask ‘s partnership with the National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center is a valuable one, and together we can continue to share information and encourage others to learn about stopping slavery in their community.