Parent Coalition to End Human Trafficking

No one is closer to the frontlines of human trafficking than parents.


Our greatest asset in the fight against trafficking is you and the members of your community. But the only way you will be effective in helping to end human trafficking is by being able to identify the signs and patterns of trafficker abuse, so that you can report them. Victims can be difficult to identify, and you could even have a victim in your own home. Unfortunately, without accurate knowledge of human trafficking, people perish. We help parents to stop human trafficking before it starts and also help parents in the aftermath of trafficking event in their own home or community.

My daughter went to her counselor in school and reported that she was being trafficked over 20 times! Each and every time she was told that they didn’t believe her – that she was just making it up!

Mother of 15-Year-Old Victim of Trafficking

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Traffickers are targeting children as young as toddlers, and the need to educate and equip parents to recognize and appropriately respond to possible threats is an urgent modern reality. Unfortunately, parents also need support when the unimaginable happens to their own child. We provide support to parents before and after a trafficking event has occurred.

Prevention: Misinformation and inaccurate stereotypes are prevalent, and there is a deficit of accurate education for parents about how their children are targeted as well as how to respond if their child has already been targeted or become a victim of trafficking. One of ATI’s most unique programs fills this gap in services for parents through education and resources. In order to offer these services, we recruit and partner with experts in the field as well as survivors of trafficking. We also leverage a vetted pool of compassionate volunteers to assist in program delivery and other support functions. Want more information yourself or to host a large or small group of parents to learn how to spot and intercept human trafficking? Click here.
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Recovery: Prevention is best, but many parents discover that trafficking has already occurred in their own home. We connect parents of trafficking victims with other parents who have walked this terrifying journey, and we empower you to help your child in an effective trauma-informed way. If you or someone you know suspects that your child has already been a victim of human trafficking, let us know.
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