National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center

Training Professionals to Rescue and Recover Victims of Human Trafficking


Access to relevant and effective advanced training is one of the biggest challenges to eradicating human trafficking. Professionals on the frontlines such as law enforcement, social workers, hospitality employees, airline and healthcare professionals are not properly equipped to identify and respond to human trafficking. We teach frontline professionals how to identify and rescue victims of human trafficking, and hold the offenders accountable. In a recent study with law enforcement professionals, they cited lack of adequate training as the number one challenge they face in trying to safeguard their communities against human trafficking. The National Human Trafficking Intelligence Center provides the most up-to-date training available by recruiting the foremost experts in the field to serve as trainers and training developers. ATI has trained more than 30,000 frontline professionals. These sessions directly led to the identification of victims and the prosecution of offenders.

Airport Sector


More than 60% of trafficked persons are moved through the airline industry, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline. ATI has witnessed firsthand that even the largest airline companies are not adequately trained to recognize and respond to this. In 2020 we produced and provided a training video for the American Association of Airport Executives with signs to recognize and intercept human trafficking. This trafficking prevention video was viewed by 25,000 airline professionals in the last year.

ATI opened my eyes to a problem that has been going on in my hotels for a long time. I pledge to make all of my hotels ATI Safe Zones in hopes that not one more victim will have to suffer in our hotels.