Student Advisory Council

We need YOU to help stop human trafficking.

The Student Advisory Council is committed to strengthening the voices of youth and to enhancing awareness of teen sex trafficking by empowering teen leaders and promoting youth projects.

ATI recognizes the invaluable asset of our youth in combating human trafficking and strives to create leaders of the future and that’s why the Student Advisory Council (SAC) was one of our first programs. The SAC is a unique opportunity for youth to serve on an advisory board, take on leadership roles, design and implement their own initiatives, and provide critical feedback and direction to other initiatives that ATI undertakes. We also seek to enhance these efforts by offering scholarship opportunities to members of the Student Advisory Council and other students who have shown exceptional leadership and initiative in preventing and eradicating human trafficking. As an example, below is an educational video series they’ve created:

Youth Cares Conference

As part of our efforts to empower youth, ATI also hosts an annual Youth Cares Conference. This is an opportunity for youth to end a professional-style conference where they can attend breakout sessions and hear from experts in the field from all over the United States. First started in 2019, the team was able to pivot quickly to a virtualized conference in 2020 and has already started planning YCC 2021.


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