Mary Lou Swanberg, CHPC

Portrait of Mary Lou Swanberg

Mary Lou works with her husband George Swanberg, as a counselor and coach at their practice, Life Line Counseling, in Northern Virginia. It is through this work that she became involved in mental health issues, betrayal trauma, and human trafficking, due to the cross-over with substance abuse and addiction. To help women who discover their husband’s use of pornography and its corresponding behaviors, she is becoming a certified mentor for betrayal spousal trauma.

In 2019, Mary Lou (in partnership with ATI/Just Ask Prevention and with help from George) hosted a human trafficking conference for 185 attendees with 11 experts. In 2018, the Swanbergs organized a seminar, “Opioid Intervention”, and a brain health seminar, both in northern Virginia. In March 2020, George was the presenter to 180 trauma counselors for Continuing Education Unit credits at Youth for Tomorrow Recovery Center in Bristow, Virginia. Mary Lou helped write and prepare the two-hour PowerPoint presentation of 60+ slides on “The Brain, Drugs, Alcohol & Trauma Healing”.

Mary Lou is the co-author of two books: “Why Can’t He Just Stop? A Woman’s Guide to Betrayal Trauma, Sexual Addiction, and Infidelity” (2021), and “Recovery from Sexual Addiction: Path to Sexual Sobriety” (2019).

Some years before she met George, Mary Lou decided to home school her son as a single mom and became the Director of Conferences for one of the largest global accredited homeschooling curriculum providers. She and her son hosted 125+ parent educational conferences around the U.S., which they co-founded, developed, and directed. Their national conference became the largest homeschooling conference in their niche. Mary Lou has appeared on EWTN-TV global network, been interviewed on numerous radio shows, and has been a veteran columnist addressing parenting/family issues. Additionally, Mary Lou’s career has covered multiple industries including fashion/textile design, communication, trade show exhibitions, television, advertising, direct marketing, publishing, research, professional calligraphy, and she co-founded a 20-person graphic communication firm.

As a board member of ATI, Mary Lou serves on the Development and Recruiting Committee and has volunteered with her husband at ATI/JAP for the past three years. She continues to research the connection between trafficking, sexual addiction, and pornography, and is a certified high-performance coach from High Performance Institute in CA. Mary Lou and George are both certified trainers for Power BrainingTM to help traumatized and addicted brains heal quicker. They are committed to utilizing their professional experience with compassion, knowledge, and understanding to create awareness, provide education, and help heal wounded lives.

You can reach Mary Lou, her husband, and the Life Line Counseling Center team by visiting their website or the Center’s Facebook page. To learn more about her books and other work, visit her website at