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Just Ask Prevention Project Executive Director Bill Woolf presented with Presidential Medal

Just Ask Prevention Project Executive Director Bill Woolf presented with Presidential Medal

Washington, DC – On October 11, 2018 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, along with the other Cabinet Members, presented Bill Woolf, Executive Director of the Just Ask Prevention Project, with the 2018 Presidential Medal for Extraordinary Efforts to Combat Trafficking in Persons. This honor is presented annually by the Secretary of State in recognition of extraordinary efforts to combat human trafficking. The award was given in recognition for Mr. Woolf’s tireless efforts to advance equality and respect for all persons and their inherent rights through combating human trafficking.

A summary of the nomination is as follows:

Mr. Woolf has dedicated his life’s work to combating human trafficking. Serving his country for over 15 years as a law enforcement officer, he was able to assist in the rescue over 125 victims of human trafficking and connecting them with appropriate services to help them on the road to recovery. Mr. Woolf also participated in the successful and fair prosecution of over 50 traffickers, preventing them from exploiting additional victims. He has also brought much needed awareness to the issue and transformed the manner in which law enforcement handles these types of cases.

Seeing the suffering of those that were being victimized, Mr. Woolf went above and beyond his role as a law enforcement officer to found an organization which seeks to prevent human trafficking among America’s youth. The Just Ask Trafficking Prevention Project has directly prevented multiple young people from being caught in the snares of traffickers. The Project continues to empower young people and instill in them a sense of community responsibility while raising awareness on trafficking.

Mr. Woolf continues the fight today against human trafficking and exploitation in his role as Executive Director of the Just Ask Prevention Project. He leads a team of professionals in developing programs, training, and services to provide necessary tools in education, prevention, and intervention. Seeking to advance equality and respect for all persons and their inherent rights, Mr. Woolf is a true example of an American who has dedicated his life and service to his country through his efforts to combat trafficking in persons. He and his family have made extraordinary sacrifices in combating trafficking in persons.

“I am humbled to be recognized and presented with this Award. In accepting it, I do so on behalf of all those who are working tirelessly to combat human trafficking. I am so thankful for the continued support of all our partners, but especially General Dynamics who has made my mission at the Just Ask Prevention Project a reality. I will continue to fight to prevent this horrific crime from happening. As a father of 6 wonderful kids, I am committed to protecting them and others from the threats of exploitation.”

– Bill Woolf, Executive Director, Just Ask.


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